About Nafrini Selection

Nafrini Selection was created to assist young women who are interested in making a living mainly in the modeling and acting industry as a free agent. Our service is to offer a social media platform where freelancers, businesses and agencies can connect and conduct business with young female talents. A platform that allows talents to connect with each other, provides safety and gives them the freedom to accept gigs & own 100 percent of their earnings.

The idea was first introduced in 2012, but only starting to develop after 2019.  Being freelancers ourselves, we saw a growing number of young women with the strong desire to do modeling gigs and appear on music videos, independent films, or commercial videos. Unfortunately, many of those women endure a lot of obstacles in the industry that cause them to be discouraged, feel less safe and have less trust. Some of the obstacles are the high taxation, discrimination, mistreatment, and saturation of many major talent agencies and the unprofessionalism of certain freelancers or organizations that result in lack of safety for the talent.

Despite the dark side of the industry, we do believe that there are a rising number of businesses and professional freelancers who are different and would love to work directly with young female talents without having to deal with a middleman or agency. So, we started developing a technology and a great system to resolve the problem, we are taking many precautions and are thoughtfully creating a platform that will work.