How To Use Nafrini Selection


This is an introduction of all the features you will be able to find on the Nafrini Selection website. Note that many of those features explained below will be available only on the complete version.  Make sure you visit this page regularly for any updated information with new features explanation. the Nafrini Selection teamwork every day to make sure we serve and assist our members efficiently, if you have any suggestions, please fill out the form in the end of this page and we will be happier to include in our plan.

Users may interact with the content others publish on Nafrini Selection by giving it a like, a laugh, disapproval, or even a hug in addition to expressing their own opinions. Users can engage with one other’s material through comments and sharing.

Companies utilize Nafrini Selection in the same way that individuals do, with the exception that businesses have Nafrini Selection Listings rather than profiles.

To fully comprehend Nafrini Selection and how it works, you’ll need to become acquainted with some of the platform’s most commonly used words.


Your information will be stored in your Nafrini Selection profile.
Your profile can include information such as your name, photo, birthplace, employment, educational history, and so on. By disabling the information, you don’t want publicly viewable, you may make your profile as public or private as you wish.



This is where you’ll see all of your friends’ updates. You’ll also get notifications from the business pages you’ve liked. Your posts will also display in the newsfeed, where they will be seen by your friends.



The timeline, which is sometimes confused with a newsfeed, is your own record of all the posts you’ve shared and interacted with. While you won’t generally see your friends’ status updates here, if they’ve tagged you in a post or a photo, it will show up on your timeline. Unless you’ve changed your privacy settings to the contrary, your friends will be able to access your timeline if they search your name.

Booking Feature

Clients can hire you as a talent for a project, and you have the option to accept or decline the offer. Visitors will only be able to see or utilize this feature on the profiles of talents and customers; as a consumer, your booking profile will differ slightly from that of a talent. On their booking panel, each may view all of their appointments, events, and other booking information. Clients can choose to add or edit services, as well as arrange events, which talents can provide. They may also adjust their availability for a gig as well as their hourly pricing for each service they provide.

Talents have the ability to schedule appointments for one or more clients and send an email notification or reminder. Customers may book talent and events, as well as change their contact information, such as their email address or phone number.

For booked, canceled, or rescheduled appointments, Nafrini Selection will send real-time SMS notifications to both the client and talent. No more forgetting appointments or events; we’ll take care of it for you.

Clients may rapidly select services, skills, location, day and time, and payment details, as well as alter any of the settings without leaving the website, using the booking tool, which is a conventional step-by-step booking procedure.
A dynamic calendar display allows talent to keep track of their appointments.
The calendar may be sorted by location, service, or service category, and can display appointments in monthly, weekly, daily, and timeline views.

It gives our users with a search interface where one or more search parameters, such as desired date, preferred time range, chosen service, or preferred category, will recommend services and time slots.


The algorithm is a difficult idea to grasp. The algorithm is a set of calculations performed every second by Nafrini Selection‘s servers to identify what material you want to see, engage with, and click on next. The algorithm determines the sort of material you may want to see by looking at your dwell time (how long you spend looking at a post), engagement, page likes, postings, and other factors. The system improves over time in determining what material to display you.



Although the two concepts are sometimes used interchangeably, Nafrini Selection utilizes the term “post” to indicate what you share on your newsfeed. Text, photographs, videos, and location are just a handful of the different sorts of postings you may send to your friends’ newsfeeds.



These are persons to whom you’ve submitted a request and they’ve accepted it, or people to whom you’ve accepted a request. Unlike other social networking sites, where someone can follow you without you having to follow them back, Nafrini Selection‘s friend system needs you and the other person to be friends.



There is also a following option in Nafrini Selection. You are automatically followed when you add new friends (and they follow you, too). This is Nafrini Selection‘s method of ensuring that you see this new friend’s postings by adding them to your newsfeed (at least for a little while unless you stop engaging with them). People who have more than 5,000 friends on their personal Nafrini Selection accounts might choose to follow them instead of following them to remain up to date on their postings. While Nafrini Selection will automatically follow your friends, you may unfollow them manually without unfriending them. The postings of these people will be removed from your newsfeed as a result of this action. If you do this, you’ll have to go through each of your friends’ timelines individually to catch up on their most recent postings.



Users with similar interests on Nafrini Selection may find it useful to organize a group on the site. A group is a collection of people who communicate with one another on a variety of themes determined by the group’s organizers and other members. Groups may only be created by individual people; pages cannot be included in Nafrini Selection groups. Organizers can set or deny a variety of rights to make the group work in a certain way.


Members can use the listings function on their personal profile to advertise or sell their products and services. Users may add their product or service from start to finish, including prices, social network information, photographs, videos, new layouts, search results, categories, and location pages using Google Maps.

The Listing feature includes a clever private messaging/chatting system that allows visitors to simply and quickly contact you as a company owner. It will assist your company in increasing revenue and improving customer service.


Clients will have access to a membership page on their profile, where they may view and modify their membership account information. This page will display any information obtained during membership registration, such as subscriptions and transaction details.


Individual users and companies may promote events on Nafrini Selection since there is so much community activity. RSVPs may be accepted, a guest list can be created, and the date, time, and place of the event can be shared. Events can take place virtually via a video platform or in person at a physical venue.

Email Invite

Members can send email invites to non-members to join the Nafrini Selection group via Email Invites. This is a really valuable function for increasing our membership, introducing new members, and continuing to provide chances…


When a friend connects with your posts, photographs, videos, or timeline, you’ll receive a notice that details what they connected with and when, as shown by the bell icon in the third circle below. Friend requests will be displayed here as well.

Here’s a quick guide to getting started with Nafrini Selection now that you know what it is and how it works.

Points, Ranks & Achievement Types

To make our platforms more enjoyable, Nafrini Selection gives all of our members digital prizes for participating with the community.

To decide if each task or requirement has been successfully completed, just describe the achievements, categorize the criteria, and pick from a variety of evaluation alternatives.

Nafrini Selection incorporates three of the community‘s most powerful reward systems:


How does Nafrini Selection Algorithm Work?

The Nafrini Selection algorithm is capable of learning each user’s preferences and interests. The algorithm then presents material from friends and companies that the user would be interested in, including as photographs, status updates, and videos. Nafrini Selection‘s purpose is to encourage users to interact with, consume, and exchange content.

On the newsfeed, Nafrini Selection uses a chronological timeline. This means that the post on your newsfeed is listed in the order in which they were most recently shared by members you follow or connected to on the platform. For example, if your friend Karla posted three hours ago and John posted five minutes ago, you’d see your John’s post first, then your friend Karla’s.

Set up your privacy settings. Personalize your profile. Like and follow public pages. Review your timeline. Add friends on Nafrini Selection. Post on Nafrini Selection. Add photos and videos. Connect with friends. Review your newsfeed. Discover additional Nafrini Selection features.

1. Create a Nafrini Selection account.

To sign up for a Nafrini Selection account, follow these four easy steps.

  • Visit Nafrini Selection.
  • Click on Sign Up located on the top right of the page
  • Fill out the form and enter your first name, last name, mobile number or email, profile type, new password, birthday, and gender.
  • Click Create Account.

2. Set up your privacy settings.

After you’ve created a Nafrini Selection account, you can choose who may access your profile and information by adjusting your privacy settings. To modify your privacy settings, follow these four simple actions.

  • Click on your full name that’s located on the top right corner of any Nafrini Selection page.
  • Click Account.
  • In the left sidebar, select Privacy.
  • Set who is allowed to see your past and future posts. You can also control how people can find and contact you.

There’s a good chance that someone on Nafrini Selection has the same name as you. Personalize your profile by adding a profile image, cover photo, and some personal information to stand out from the crowd and make it easier for your friends and family to discover you on Nafrini Selection.

3. Personalize your profile.

Picking a Profile Picture


Choosing a Cover Photo

  • Click the camera button on your cover photo, which is on your profile.
  • or Click on your full name that’s located on the top right corner of any Nafrini Selection page. Move your mouse to Profile. In the left sidebar, select Cover Photo.
  • To choose your cover photo, you can pick a photo from your Nafrini Selection profile, a selection of Nafrini Selection’s own cover artwork, create a collage, or upload a photo from your computer. You can also reposition or delete your current cover photo.


Updating Your Profile

  • Click the Profile tab on your profile page.
  • Click on edit on the top right side
  • In this tab, you can fill in information about yourself and services you provide, the places you’ve lived, contact and more…


5. Review your timeline.

Your timeline is a reverse-chronological digital track of your Nafrini Selection activities. Your timeline will show your status updates, uploaded photographs and videos, and photos you’ve been tagged in.


6. Connect with members on Nafrini Selection.

On Nafrini Selection, you may add friends in three different methods. You may either conduct a search, look for them in the Members Directory, or send them an invite with their email address.

To access the Members Directory, click on Members on the vertical red bar located on the left side of every Nafrini Selection page. You will be able to filter your result on the right side of the page. You can send a connection request by clicking on Connect, Follow or send a Private Message a member.  On Nafrini Selection, you’ll see a list of friend requests from other people, as well as a list of individuals who share some of same information you may be interested connecting with.


7. Post on Nafrini Selection.

One of the major goals of Nafrini Selection is to make it easier for members to connect. And the greatest method to stay in touch with members that you love is to provide them status updates about your life. Go to the text box at the top of your news feed page or on your profile page to share a Nafrini Selection status.

You can post text with photographs, videos, GIFs, and links with status updates.

You can also share different kinds of content, such as:

  • Feeling/Activity: Share how you’re currently feeling or what you’re currently doing.
  • Tag Friends: If you’re hanging out with your friends, tag them in your status and share what you’re doing.
  • Poll/Ask for Recommendations: If you have any question about a client for example or you’re about to schedule a gig, you can ask your Nafrini Selection members you are connected with for recommendations if they have any suggestions or advice just in case they worked with the same client in the past.
  • Lists: Choose a predetermined topic to make a list for or create your own topic and share it with your Nafrini Selection friends.

8. Add photos and videos.

You may share images, movies, and albums with all of your friends on Nafrini Selection.

Uploading photos or videos

To upload photos or videos to your profile, follow these four simple steps:

  • Go to your Profile.
  • Select the Photos tab.
  • Select Add Photos/Video.

Upload pictures or videos from your computer.

Creating photo or video albums

To create a photo or video album, follow these four simple steps:

  • Go to your Profile.
  • Tap the Photos tab.
  • Tap Create Album.

Upload pictures or videos from your computer.

9. Connect with friends.

You’ll see updates from your friends, family, and public pages you follow in your news feed. You may connect with them by like and reacting to their posts, sharing items on their timelines, and texting or video chatting with them.

Like, Comment, Or Share

If you like someone’s post, give them a thumbs up, comment on their post, or share it.

Nafrini Selection Private Messages

To chat with the members of your community or public circles on Nafrini Selection, use the Private Message feature located on the top right of every Nafrini Selection pages or click on your full name that is located on the top right corner of any Nafrini Selection pages then move your mouse to Messages.

Next, click on the icon located on the right side of the left sidebar or select New Message on the profile drop-down and type in the member‘s name that you want to connect with.

Circles organizers can send a group message to all the members of the circle. Click on private message tab to send a message 

When you message a member on the private message, you can upload pictures, videos, and files from your computer, as well as GIFs, emojis. You can also search for past conversations and manage your settings.

10. Discover additional Nafrini Selection features.

Nafrini Selection isn’t just a platform for viral content and connection. It’s also a hub for community communications, and marketplaces.


On Nafrini Selection, the Events tab will display any future events that are popular among your Nafrini Selection friends or have been organized by the organizations you belong to. You may also search for events by date, location, or category.

To find the Events page, click on the red vertical bar located on the left side of your page, where you can select Events


On the Nafrini Selection Circles, you can see the circles you manage and belong to. You may also join circles based on ideas from Nafrini Selection and a variety of other categories.

To go to the Circles page, click on Circles on the vertical red bar located on the left side of every Nafrini Selection page.

Or click on your full name that’s located on the top right corner of any Nafrini Selection page. Move your mouse to Circles. In the left sidebar, select My Circles.