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A Unique Way to Live "YOUR" Dream

Expand Your Opportunities

Nafrini Selection is a community where young women talents interact with others, build communities and conduct business with freelancers and organizations. 

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Members interact with other to learn, express themselves and be entertained. You can post your thought, comment your opinion, discuss with at least a member privately.  


Nafrini Selection allows you to build your own public or private community with members you love, you can create trending topics in the “Tearoom” to get your followers engaged and submit your own blog to share with the community. 


If you are a professional or aspiring model, actress, dancer, influencer and public figure, we will bring clients to you and get paid for your time. 

A Community that Understands "YOU"

Let Us Ease Your Concerns

Going for your dream can be very scary especially living in the world where your safety can be compromised, and your confidence can be easily suppressed. You may feel the industry is saturated by you not being established so you stop the pursuit. If you are an aspiring model, actress, dancer, influencer and public figure, we here to tell you we worked hard to provide a different option that may fit you more.

We are proud to be able to create a community for aspiring women where they can find growth, support each other and create their own lane. Nafrini Selection is what we call, a virtual gated community, for our members protection and to ease our job to serve them, a registration submission may be rejected if it doesn’t follow our requirements.


Nafrini Selection offers both talents and clients an advanced digitally streamlined transactional platform, an opportunity for talents to generate cash directly to their bank account. It gives talents the ability to check their offers from clients, accept or reject gigs and make changes. 

The Spotlight is on "YOU"

Entertaining The World Has Never Been Easy

Nafrini Selection offers six services to our clients that you can choose from. You set your own availability, requirements and rate per hour.  You are responsible to complete your part of the agreement only if you accept the client offer and finalize the booking process. 

Photographer; Clothing brand businesses and more...


Videographer; Musician etc...


Event Planner; Promoter....


Director; Producer; Marketer and more...


Videographer; Event Organizer; Musician etc...


Companies, Social Media Marketer and more...


Make Your Money Building Your Career

Your Time & Effort Do Cost

We all know the danger of overpricing: You lose the deal. But underpricing or doing it for free because someone advised you to do so can be just as perilous. Established or not, Nafrini Selection believe everyone should be compensated for their time spent. 

Deal Only with Profitable Clients

  •  The client pays the agreed amount to Nafrini Selection before you start working on the assigned task. Nafrini Selection will then release the payment to you once you the work is complete.
  • By having your payment secured by Nafrini Selection, you are guaranteed to be paid once you complete your work.

Choose your Own Rate(s) & Schedule

  • One of the great things about Nafrini Selection, talents have the freedom to choose the rate per hour they would like to be paid for a gig. 
  • You choose the dates and time you will be more likely to be available to accept an offer, so the client is aware before thinking about booking you. 

Make Your Money Building Your Career

More You Give, More You Should Receive

The goal is to help you make a living following your purpose. We believe that the more you feel appreciated, the more likely you will grow as a human being, entertainer and expert.

Provide Service(s) you Enjoy

Nafrini Selection offers six types of services to its clients, but you are the one who decide which of those services you want to provide to your clients and generate revenue.

Own 100% of your Revenue

Nafrini Selection does not take any cut on the amount you agreed with your client.  However, we do add a booking fee that a client is responsible to pay for using our platform.  


What The Community Is Saying

We picked the latest feedbacks submitted by members who were generous to take their time testing the platform before the launch date.

OMG I love this platform already, this is definitely a life saver. Such a powerful idea, thank you Nafrini Selection...
Jessica Owens
Thannnnk You Nafrini Selection for thinking about women like myself. This is epic, I can wait for the APP to be released. Bravo
Emmanuella Vincent
Wow! Great work! Thank you for this. Agencies will be in trouble :)...
Ashley Poulet
Girls we need to support this. I am so happy to be part of this community. Thank you, Nafrini Selection, I love yall for doing this. I definitely recommend this, you wont be dissapointed!
Taylor Harris

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